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Aaron A. Tilly

ARS Director of Training 

Aaron A. Tilly is responsible for developing and implementing contract training solutions for ARS, he currently supports airline training facilities in China (PRC) training an average of 3,000 cabin crew candidates each year. With his extensive training background, Airline Recruitment Solutions solves the problems airlines have in finding the best candidates worldwide.

The "School in the Sky" is the only working / training environment of its kind rewarding user pay airline candidates with a paid internship!

Sande Bulawa

Flight Attendant Training Instructor

Originally from Chicago, Illinois. When she moved to Tucson, Arizona she immediately fell in love with the unique beauty and serenity of the desert. "The sunsets are like no other!"

Serving as a Flight Attendant for over 10 years, as well as a Ticket Agent for American Airlines, has afforded her the opportunity to traveled to Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, Haiti, Bangladesh and India with her husband of 38 years, and family. They have done mission and hospital work in many of the villages.

"I Love helping people achieve their goals and believe in the saying 'LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH'.” I find great pleasure in encouraging others. Sandee and family have raised two Sudanese Boys (The Lost Boys) through their Church. My husband taught them to drive. We had to acclimate them to sleep in a bed. They had never used a toilet or shower. They are now in their early 30's and still thriving in the United States; one graduated from college and has two daughters, the other is a butcher in Nebraska and has 4 children. They still call her Mom and phone her on Mothers Day and Birthdays!

CJ Heileman

VP Marketing & Public Relations

With over 25 years in Public Relations and Marketing from start-ups to Fortune 500s. She has worked closely with many CEOs to hone their Public Image. CJ has been a guest instructor/trainer for a national modeling/acting agency; helping students perfect their own image, etiquette, posture and speaking skills.

Graduating Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin, her Bachelor of Science degree holds a special emphasis in Hospitality Management and Haute Cuisine Service.

CJ loves 'flying the friendly skys' as much as her much adored and honored Uncle Don Taylor, a former United Airlines captain and check airman, founder and first president of the U.S. Aerobatic Foundation and inducted into the International Aerobatic Hall of Fame in 2003. His numerous awards include: the EAA President’s Award, IAC President’s Award, and Rolly Cole Memorial Award.

Xuan Feng

Training Assistant and Chinese Marketing Executive

Xuan Feng, is originally from Beijing China. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with her husband Nick, who is eagerly awaiting his bar exam! She has worked and traveled the world over. Xuan is fluent in both Chinese and English. Her responsibilities include managing the Chinese business and promotional efforts which support ARS' services.

Airline Recruitment Solutions(ARS-USA) is the counterpart to World Airline Training Solutions (WATS-China). With the WATS head office located in Beijing, our China team remains successful with supporting crew, staff and trainees throughout South East Asia. WATS is dedicated to delivering the best when providing crew selection, recruitment and training from Asian based candidates including: Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Xuan is excited by the growing partnerships that we have with Airline training providers and the International employment opportunities for our graduates. She works closely with our USA staff and trainees to ensure the highest standard of training and recruitment is delivered throughout China and the Asian market. 

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