The University of Arizona offers a CEA Accredited Program at their Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) for ARS International Exchange Students

Learn and earn while you travel around the world aboard the International Flight Attendant Training & Foreign Language Exchange Program. 

International Flight Attendant Training, Paid Internship,

 & Language Exchange Program

Live, train, and work in Asia, Europe, USA with British Airways, Lufthansa, and KLM Airlines. Receive USA and European airline qualifications. Recruitment and employment opportunities are available throughout the program. Initial training will include introduction to Aircraft types, Airline training with ARS Training Partners: Etihad, Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways, and an internship on our exclusive First Class Boeing Business Charter Jet.

Foreign Language Exchange

US-based students will be paired with International students to learn 'Aviation Language' for emergency, safety, and service situations in Chinese, Spanish, English, and/or Arabic.

Travel to Europe & Asia

The program begins training in Europe and an observational flight to China.Trainees travel throughout the training and internship program; getting used to international flight schedules.

FAA Cabin Crew Certification

After completion of the training and internship program you are ready to spread your wings. Don't worry, we'll help you fly and land a new job with an airline with recruitment support.

2018/19 Training & Internship Itinerary

Destination: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, & United States


10 - 13

Orientation for USA Interns

Vegas, NV, USA



Depart USA

The US based crew trainees will travel on international long-haul regularly scheduled airline flights to Europe for initial training with Lufthansa or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines before they continue onto South East Asia and China for an Emergency Procedure Training Course.


14 - 17

Initial Crew Training in Europe Begins (Germany / Netherlands)


18 - 19

Emirates Cabin Crew Observation Flight to Dubai UAE



Bangkok, Thailand for Recruitment and Crew Trainees Orientation

US trainees will be invited to meet with International trainee students and visit Airline training schools in Bangkok, Thailand. USA-based trainee cabin crew may assist the recruiters and trainers with selection and assessments of Thai candidates who will join the International Flight Attendant Training & Language Exchange Program.



Emergency Procedure, Cabin Crew Training in Australia / New Zealand

USA-based crew will be required to undertake training with the selected Thai candidates under an hourly contract rate of $10 USD per instructor training hour while training in Thailand. The rate will be paid to each Jr. Cabin Crew member while undertaking their training with International selected crew.



International Observation Flight From New Zealand to Los Angeles, CA, USA

USA-based crew, in full uniform will be returning to USA with International trainees participating in an Observation International Flight.



University of Arizona Foreign Exchange Program & Internship Orientation

The US and International trainees will spend two weeks together in Tucson, AZ for orientation. They will learn in-flight First Class Service, Aircraft Safety, and Emergency Procedure Training. A five-star experience with Haute Cuisine.



Job Experience On Board Our Boeing VIP 1st Class Jet Airliner

Paid flight experience and International charter flights! Program offers interns paid work experience on 12 in-flight trainings per month. Once internship is completed, recruitment support contract is initiated.



FAA Cabin Crew Certification & Recruitment Support

Get the job and start traveling the world as a certified International Flight Attendant with international experience and proficiency in Chinese language, culture, and etiquette.

See What Our Trainees Are Saying

"Honestly the best decision of life attending Aaron's Workshop! Aaron, CJ and Sandee are the most wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable people! They sincerely care for everyone in their workshop!! Amazing experience thus far. Don't think twice, sign up before you miss out! By working with ARS I saved thousands of dollars and got 3 interviews with major Airlines and start training with them at the end of this month!"

Paige - Flight Attendant

Program Pricing

Calculate The Cost: Personal Expenses, Program Fee, and Internship Pay Rate

Personal Expenses


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Internship Program Fee


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UA Housing, Internship, & FAA Certifications

Room & Board in USA and Abroad

University of Arizona Student Housing

Meals Provided on Training Days

Paid Internship

FAA Certifications


Internship Wage


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On-Board First Class Charter Service

12 Flights Per Month

In-Flight Cabin Crew

 Boeing 727 Aircraft Training

Haute Cuisine

First Class Service Training


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